4th E-commerce Director's Congress | Lecturers
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From e-practicers for e-practicers…

We’re presenting list of 22 of 30 lectures that will join us on 4th E-commerce Director’s Congress
and lead presentations and workshops. Beneath them you’ll find those who are very popular right now and also those about who we’re started to hear on the market.

  1. Michał Leszek – Chief Brand Officer – Kruger&Matz
    Keynote (presentation): „How to bring clients by themselves? Kruger&Matz and other brands on competitive markets.”
  2. Wojciech Tomaszewski – Head of sales and marketing – Answear.com
    Keynote (fireside chat): „Cross Border from Poland – main strategies of cross border selling. Key conclusions after 2 years of experience.”
  3. Angelo Colleti (Italy) – Digital Consultant – worked with Dell, SAS
    Keynote (presentation): „Changes in digital: Big Data and Data Monetization.”
  4. Kamil Michlewski (UK) – Design Think Consultant
    Keynote (presentation): „Global changes of customer experience.”
  5. Szymon Komorowski – Head of Consulting on CEE market – IMS Health Polska
    Keynote (presentation): „Digital disruption, symptoms and effects for pharmaceutical industry.”
  6. Rafał Owczarek – Head of Strategical Projects – Multimedia Polska
    Fireside chat: „Digital disruption, symptoms and effects for multimedia industry. Change into Omnichannel experience – how much it cost?”
  7. Paweł Wróbel – E-commerce Director – Duka Polska
    Keynote (presentation): „How to keep company independent from Marketing Automation suppliers.”
  8. Przemek Porada – E-commerce Director – SANTE
    Presentation: „Personalisation and big data in Omnichannel Commerce – targeting the client in contact points.”
  9. Michał Juda – CEO – Showroom
    Presentation: „In or out house – team sourcing and work oranisation in e-commerce based on Showroom example.”
  10. Jakub Gierszyński – E-commerce Director – Decathlon
    Presentation: „Omnichannel strategy of customer service and cross border growth based on Decathlon own experience.”
  11. Bartosz Pilch – E-commerce Director – SIG
    Presentation: „E-commerce as leverage of organization change in large distribution.”
  12. Piotr Kierzkowski – Dyrektor omnichannel – Wittchen
    Fireside chat: „How to send 5000 packages every day for a week without any mistake. Logistic in massive actions. Migration on multichannel platform with offline sales integration – case study.”
  13. Aleksandra Jarośkiewicz – E-commerce Director – Gino Rossi Polska
    Presentation: „Omnichannel – implementation in retail network, technology and people.”
  14. Sławomir Rajch – E-commerce Director – Raben Polska
    Presentation: „When ligistic and warehouse outsourcing is profitable – case study of Raben’s client.”
  15. Łukasz Kulczyński – Senior PM, Digital IT – Volkswagen Group Polska
    Fireside chat: „Digitize and e-commerce in automotive. Challendes, trends and integration layers.”
  16. Paweł Owczarski – Indepedent Consultant of sales growth, Industry Expert – Energa S.A.
    Presentation: „Digital disruption, symptoms and effects for energy industry.”
  17. Bartek Dajer – New Biznes Development Director – Credit Agricole
    Presentation: „Upcoming changes on finance market – integration and managment of personal data. Results and chances for e-commerce industry.”
  18. Paweł Florczak – E-commerce Manager – Top Secret
    Workshops: „Blog marketing: Blog as performance marketing tool and settlement models.”
  19. Łukasz Siemiński – E-commerce Manager – Leroy Merlin
    Fireside chat: „Logistics organisation in expanded retail network. E-commerce as logistical service project in corporation.”
  20. Mariusz Wesołowski – Logistics and e-commerce Consultant
    Workshops: „Lecture in logistics and customer service.”
  21. Jan Namedyński – Head of Global Digital Business Development – Avon
    Workshops: „How to build e-commerce team?”
  22. Marcin Majzner – Prezes, Koneser sztuki – Cupsell.pl
    Workshops: „Growth strategies – example of unconventional ways based on Cupsell.pl experience.